My name is Vijar Kohli and am the co-founder and equity portfolio manager of Golden Door Asset Management. Below is a detailed summary of my background.

Golden Door Asset Management:

In 2013, Michael Ojo and I founded Golden Door Asset Management, a private equity firm focused on Urban America.

We launched by syndicating residential real estate projects in Hoboken, NJ with our own capital. After a few deals, we began to raise capital from friends, family and our network. Now we have a full team with operations in multiple states as we continue to expand.

In 2015, we launched a hedge fund product following the Warren Buffett styled uncovering deep value investments. Given my background in small-cap investing, we managed capital mostly for our high net worth investors. Our focus was healthcare, technology and merger arbitrage. My investing articles can be found on SeekingAlpha.

Today, Golden Door Asset Management is a full-fledged private equity firm focused on Urban America. Our mission is to buy, build and grow assets. We focus on developing urban communities by funding small business and building affordable housing.

Our goal is to enrich the middle class. The objective is to rebuild America, from the bottom up. We can accomplish this by creating new jobs and spurring economic growth.

Work Experience:

Insight Advisory Partners: Merged with Insight in 2015 and moved our offices from Princeton to New York. Michael and I originally started VM Global Consulting in 2014, focused on startup advisory in the healthcare industry. Under Insight, we delivered CFO services and Turnaround expertise for consumer goods and healthcare companies.

J.P. Morgan Chase: Started as an Analyst in Prime Brokerage Services in the Investment Bank. Worked in Equity Risk Management, Securities Lending, Capital Introduction, Hedge Fund Consulting and Relationship Management. A great experience where I had the chance to meet and work with the top Hedge Fund managers of all time.


I studied Finance and Economics at Seton Hall University and Princeton University. Worked various jobs & internships at Merrill Lynch, CIT Group, and Citi to pay my own tuition and learn real-world experiences.

Started VM Global Consulting while I was studying at Princeton. Very fortunate to have learned Entrepreneurial Finance under Frank Fabozzi and Healthcare Economics under Uwe Reinhardt. Frank was a visiting professor from the Yale  School of Management and is considered by many the father of fixed income books. Uwe is our country’s leading authority on healthcare economics. Both respected leaders in their fields.

Today I give back to the community in many ways. I am an active member of the Entrepreneurial Advisory Board at Seton Hall, a mentor for TechLaunch, and an active volunteer for the Manhattan Sikh Association. Also, manage the TiE NJ Angel program to provide seed and early-stage investments in local startups.

Born in New Jersey, raised in New York.

This website is used solely to share investment ideas and connect with the community. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedInTwitter, and Quora.