Here's your 101 on Crypto

Going Beyond Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto but it's not the only blockchain out there.

I first learned about blockchains in 2010 with my fintech professor. It was a natural extension of the capital markets. How?

  • Money is a massive database
  • Counterparties don't talk to each other

To improve communication and reduce latency, a new global settlement layer would need to be built.

The Fundamentals of Blockchain

Before diving deep into new cryptos, we must first master the basics. Like Neo when Morpheus first showed him the Matrix. So to begin, I wrote several deep dives to cover the fundamentals.

For additional content, read the following sections:

Don't have time to read everything? Then I recommend reading the Introduction to Blockchains. This is a long form post discussing the details of nodes, validators and much more. It'll give you enough talking points to sound smart at your next cocktail party.