Investing Ideas

GE Healthcare spinoff

$GE is spinning off assets into three categories: GE Aviation, GE Healthcare and GE Energy Energy and Aviation will spin off in 2024. But GE Healthcare $GEHC will spin off next week, possibly Jan 3rd 2023. It's a tax-free deal. And Healthcare is GE's most profitable division. It'll probably sell off when the stock goes public. Definitely worth keeping on your 2023 watch list.

Micron is cutting 2023 forecasts

Micron $MU is cutting its forecast and workforce. this looks bearish for the industry now.

  • Revenue down 39% QoQ & 47% YoY to $4.1b. All segments declined

  • CapEx further reduced to $7-$7.5b from the prior $8b estimate

  • Days of inventory were 214 days in 1Q vs 150 day est. Days of inventory will peak in 2Q. 100-110 days target.

  • Inventory as a % of revenue was over 100% again. Inventory stands at $8.4b in 1Q and will peak in 3Q.

Ordering food online, fast

I saw this breakdown of restaurant stocks on Twitter. The most interesting to me are the mobile apps for McDonald's, Starbucks, Chipotle and Domino's. All of these companies have fantastic feature sets.

  1. McDonald's makes $46B with 40,031 locations or $1.15m/unit $MCD

  2. Starbucks makes $24.3B with 35,711 locations or $680k/unit $SBUX

  3. Chick-Fil-A makes $16.7B 2,888 with locations or $5.8m/unit đŸ¤¯ $private

  4. Taco Bell makes $12.6B with 7,791 locations or $1.6m/unit $YUM

  5. Wendy's makes $11.1 B with 6711 locations or $1.65m/unit $WEN

  6. Dunkin makes $10.4B with 11,300 locations or $920k/unit $private

  7. Burger King makes $10B with 18,700 locations or $534k/unit $QSR

  8. Subway makes $9.4B with 36,821 locations or $255k/unit $private

  9. Dominos makes $8.6B with 19,500 locations or $441k/unit $DPZ

  10. Chipotle makes $7.5B with 2,966 locations or $2.5m/unit $CMG