Investing Ideas

My investment ideas live here. Good and bad. I will constantly update this page. Use this information to go wide and deep.

My investment thesis

It's time we enable our sixth sense and become superhuman. This can only be done with great technologies.

To do this, we must invest heavily into the future. We need to advance the current state of electronics. Why? Because software is limited by the physical constraints of great hardware. Don't believe me? Well chances are you have heard of Moore's Law. Moore's law is the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years.

Well there is another side to it.

Wirth's Law, or also known as Bill Gates's Law, is the belief that software gets slower more rapidly than hardware moves faster. Or as Gates said, "The speed of software halves every 18 months." I believe this to be true. While computer hardware might not be a high margin business like software, we still need smart chips, servers and more hard tech.

In fact, we need more types of electronics. The personal computer and mobile phone will be ancient in the future. There are so many new pieces of hardware being developed everyday. The best examples are robotics, drones, 3-D printers and autonomous vehicles. Each of these new machines require a ground up approach to hardware and software development. We have the luxury of building on old tech but still need to advance the future of new tech.

So to expand life, improve safety and reduce costs, we will need to invest in the future of electronics. It is necessary to build a better future.

Here are my investment ideas. These are ideas I'm either actively watching, researching or investing in.

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