Four Major Cloud M&A deals to start strong in 2021

This is the year of cyber security. Email, back up, and Disaster Recovery are critical elements in remote work. And there has never been a more crucial time to upgrade your tech stack today.

With that said, we're seeing a record level of M&A deals for 2021 already. 30 and counting.

Digital transformation is accelerating

Three cloud giants have made four acquisitions in the first two weeks of 2021. Cognizant has acquired Servian and Linium. Accenture acquires Real Protect. IBM acquires 7Summits.

Cognizant doubles down on digital intelligence

Servian specializes in digital transformation and partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Informatica, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, Salesforce, Snowflake, and many more. The company works with several verticals including banking, telecommunications, insurance, retail, and government sectors. With +500 employees in New Zealand and Australia, Cognizant will double the size of its business in the land down under.

The second big acquisition was a ServiceNow partner, Linium, from Ness Digital Engineering. With 150 employees from New York to India, Linium will join Cognizant’s ServiceNow division. Linium has more than one-third of its clients from Fortune 100 companies and has won several leadership awards in the ServiceNow ecosystem. This will be a growing division for Cognizant.

This is Cognizant’s tenth digital-focused acquisition since January 2020. Cognizant has announced approximately $1.4 billion in acquisitions over the past 12 months in those areas, the company says.

Salesforce is important to IBM’s cloud strategy

IBM acquisition of 7Summits, brings onboard 122 Salesforce experts to join Big Blue. Today IBM is a Top 10 Salesforce partner and investing heavily to expand by hiring, training and supporting key Salesforce products.

There is strong demand for cloud transformation and IBM is betting big on it. IBM CEO Arvind Krishna will maximize his Red Hat Linux platform to expand on the company’s hybrid cloud strategy. IBM Plans to continue buying cloud service businesses even as the company spins off its managed infrastructure division. This is a big undertaking for 2021 so let's see what big blue has in store for us next.

Accenture needs Latin security

This month Accenture acquired Real Protect, a major cybersecurity business in Brazil, covering the Latin American region. The best way to expand in new regions is by buying existing assets.

Real Protect has 90 cyber Security Experts who work in healthcare, energy, and banking. The company provides several ways to improve IT security and managed services, with continuous monitoring with its security incident response team.

This deal cements Accenture's footing in cybersecurity. Last year the company purchased Symantec’s cyber security operations along with several smaller deals. The combined deals will give Accenture a strong competitive advantage to build more cyber security offerings in 2021.

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