From Raising Private Equity to Building Better Software

This week I did something different. I interviewed four people from different walks of life. All on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Live is a new feature rolling out across the platform. It's been a great way to connect with friends and engage the community.

Let's talk Covid

On Monday, Anjalee Khemlani, a Senior Reporter with Yahoo Finance, joined us to discuss the latest on Covid-19. She's been covering Covid-19 for over a year and has a deep insights on the pandemic. As Yahoo's lead healthcare reporter, Anjalee has a good pulse on what's happening in America's healthcare system.

If you have vaccine questions, we've got answers.

Join us as we discuss the markets, healthcare and the economy.

The Professor of Innovation

Mukesh is a Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor, Professor and Director of Innovation.

And he's on a mission to use the entrepreneurial mindset to create a significant impact in the education system. Learn about how he challenges students in the classroom and lessons he's applied from investing.

In this 40-min live session, we discussed the changes in entrepreneurship and education.

Fundraising for Private Equity

Tina Sodhi is a talented fundraiser. She's mastered private equity and the art of breathing.

She's a senior partner at Triago involved with sourcing new managers, distributing primary funds and covering investors globally. Learn how the funding environment changed during Covid and why the secondary market needs liquidity. We also discussed an upcoming her event on Wednesday!

Building Better Ecommerce Software

Sudhakar is the director of Software Development at Overstock and has worked at Syntel & Cognizant. We discuss how to build resilient technology systems.

Have you ever wondered about the backend of ecommerce? Well, here's your chance.

The new opportunities in ecommerce are endless and Sudhakar has seen it all. Watch this interview to learn about technology challenges and how Sudhakar solves them.

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