Iron Man Needs a New Voice Assistant

Voice search will create a frictionless economy. And Google hasn't scratched the surface yet.

The Future of Voice Apps

I love audio. From music to speaking, audio makes an impact in everyone's life. Audible was the first audio app I used often. It was easier to consume books by listening instead of reading physical pages. But listening is only one side of the equation. Speaking to your phone is whole other challenge.

Apple's Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa live inside our homes and our phones. With Amazon's recent release of new Echo products, Prime members will have a greater demand for voice apps. Functionality needs to improve over time. We are a few years away from Iron Man's Jarvis but it is around the corner.

Why Google has the Best Voice Product

I've been a Google fanboy since day one. Friends don't like the green text bubble but I prefer better software. Yes, Google has better software. It controls the internet. My Pixel phone can transcribe audio recordings and save them in Google Docs. No other smartphone company comes close to this competitive advantage.

This week Google launched two new 5G phones and home audio speakers. Next week the company will host an Google Assistant Developer Day on October 8th. Apple does a better with its presentation but I think Google is surpassing them with better software.

Last week someone tweeted about the lack of voice apps in the marketplace. This concern comes most from Apple's Siri users. Apple doesn't open source its software and is not friendly to developers. Google on the other hand has mastered search technology and is building the A.I. of the future. I've found my Google Assistant get smarter with each update. Plus Google Translation and Google Lens are very helpful on the go!

The Voice 2020 Summit is Virtual

Newark held the largest Voice Summit for the past several years. No surprise since Audible has been headquartered in downtown Newark for twenty years. If you are interested to learn more about voice apps, I recommend registering for the October 5th summit for free today.

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