Say it, Don't Spray it with Online Video

Video technology is bridging the gap of online and offline interactions. If you're not tech savvy, some video apps may look like magic. If you know how technology works, then you know how many man hours developers have put into good software products.

Loom Video is the Next Big App

Zoom is great for real-time communications. But there is tremendous fatigue if the discussions are one-sided. I've found it simpler to have a phone call then to setup for a video conference. Now team communication is very easy to handle at smaller companies. But I can't imagine how large businesses with thousands of employees are handling mass communication.

One solution is sending recorded video messages. Sending recorded videos can be a challenge across different mediums. But no one does it better than Loom video. Not everybody uses Instagram or Snapshot, since neither are necessary for work. But Loom creates a seamless experience to communicate with others.

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Loom's recorded videos are simple to share with employees, freelancers, and outsiders. No need to schedule five minute meetings. These videos help fill in the gap for in-person meetings. In the pre-Covid world, Managers would drop by Employees to discuss different tasks. These would be short meetings to cover projects and new ideas. Now you can send a five-minute video to a co-worker, record your screen, and explain a task in real-time.

I'm a big fan of this app. Plus the the Instagram founders recently invested in Loom too. Let me know if you test it out!

Unified Social Communication is Here

Facebook is integrating its Messenger app with Instagram and Whatsapp. The social media giant has been working on this initiative ever since they made those acquisitions. I suspect this will raise several anti-trust concerns but I'm sure Zuck isn't too worried.

Facebook users can now message Instagram users without needing to download a new app, and vice versa, although they can also opt out. This is a major shift and market dominating move by Facebook. Facebook’s messaging apps have a combined 3.14 billion unique users each month and Whatsapp Business usage has seen explosive growth this year.

The problem with anti-trust concerns is they are outdated with new technologies. Users have a choice of what app they want to use. And best of all, Facebook is free. There is no pricing competition and the app makes everyone's life easier. It's tough to call out monopolistic concerns when technology companies are focused on creating better products at no cost to the user.

Broadcom Stock is Good Indicator for Telecom

Following management stock purchases is a good way to track certainty. And Broadcom is a strong indicator for the future of telecom.

Last month, Broadcom co-founder and board of director, Henry Samueli, purchased $36.77 million of Broadcom stock (AVGO) at $361 per share. Before selling his company to Avago for $37 billion in 2016, he was the Chief Technical Officer of Broadcom. Henry knows a thing or two about telecom.

Broadcom today supplies and develops a range of semiconductor devices. These devices power broadband access, telecommunication equipment, smartphones and data centers. Every remote company in the world needs this equipment. With 5G technology around the corner, access to better data will amplify. Henry is a placing a big bet on the future of telecommunications again.

Propelify is Going Virtual

New Jersey hosts a major tech innovation event every year on the Hudson river. Next week the event will be free online for anyone to join. Click here to register.

TechUnited does an amazing job bringing the top tech leaders in one venue for inspiring entrepreneurs. Below is a list of new speakers:

Several notable podcasters such as Hala Taha and James Altucher will also be speaking at the event. I recommend registering to get access to keynotes, creative sessions, and much more. I've attended Propelify for several years and it has been a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

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